Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday Night at the Movies - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

We'd seen the trailers and I wasn't that keen on seeing it but the movie has gotten a lot of buzz and has already won awards. There wasn't anything elso so we went.

It's a great movie. Both Pitt and Blanchett are wonderful.

You probably know the premise. Benjamin Button is born in the night the First World War ends. He is born as a as a tiny old man, with all the qualities of an old man, dried up skin, deaf, practically blind, brittle bones. He's not given long to live. But he does live and as time passes, he gets larger, stronger, and seemingly younger.

The Cate Blanchett character takes awhile to show up and when she does she's a young girl. She grows older, he grows younger and then sort of meet in the middle.

It is a long movie (166 minutes running time). With ads and trailers before the showing expect to spend 3+ hours in the theater. My wife and I brought my 20-year-old son with us. He didn't much care for it and he thought it was way too long. I think, in general, kids are not going to like it much. Much of the time Pitt and/or Blanchett are old. What kid wants to watch a movie about old people. And there is only one explosion (although a pretty good one) and no care chases!

But us old people like a good love story which is what this was, only with weird twist.


deal said...

I liked the movie, but wanted to like it more. I have always been a fan of director David Fincher. But this is a definitely a different type of picture. Best part was the boat scene. They're was one other sequence in France that I liked, but I think it would be a spoiler if I had to describe it.

So yes I thought it fell under good but not as good as all the hype.

Better movie that covers some of the same territory is "Big Fish"

dinged corners said...

Too bad about the care chases, because they would be a refreshing change.

Is there too much reliance on the looky here, Brad-Pitt-is-old technology? Or is it seamless?

capewood said...

Care chases! I gotta start typing slower. The Brad-Pitt-is-old technology was pretty good. When he looks real old he's also short. It's very believable looking. The aging of Kate Blanchett was also done well although a bit less extreme.