Monday, January 26, 2009

2008 Topps Lettermen Xfractors

Isn't this a beaut of a card? Want it?

This is a 2008 Devin Thomas Topps Letterman Xfractor numbered 5/20. I've also got a LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers) one numbered 3/25. I got these in an eBay auction. The problem? They are not what I thought I was buying. I was supposed to get a 2008 Mike Schmidt Donruss Threads parallel numbered to 500. Imagine my surprise? The seller was very accommodating and immediately refunded my money. And didn't ask for the cards back. But I don't want them. I wasn't able to find any of these cards on eBay but non-serial numbered cards of these guys aren't going for much. I did see a 1/300 card of Thomas with an asking price of $11. I'd like to trade these to someone who'd like them. What I'm asking for in return is a couple of autos or relics of Phillies or Astros that I don't have. I don't care who the players are as long as I don't already have the card. Send me an email with an offer.


jacobmrley said...

i have a 2006 fleer ultra brad lidge on the astros (now phillies) dual jersey that i'm sure you'd like. i have a couple other astros - a 2002 leaf certified rodrigo rosario #173 gu jersey 112/150 and a 2005 leaf certified mark mclemore #224 (the white pitcher) autograph 375/499. any two of these three i am sure would do the trick. email me at if you're interested.

capewood said...

I am interested. I'll send you an email tonight.