Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2001 E-X Wall of Fame Scott Rolen

Here's another of the relic cards I scored at the baseball card show last weekend. I didn't look real close at these when I bought them. My criteria mostly was: was it a player I liked and a card I didn't think I had. So as I've been cataloging them, I've been surprised at some of what I got.

As I looked at this, I was wondering, from what part of Scott Rolen's uniform did this relic come? It seemed like a weird fabric and a weird color.

It's a piece of an outfield wall! As usual, the wording on the card is maddeningly vague. Is this a piece of the wall that Scott Rolen hit two home runs over on May 17, 2000? That's what the wording leaves me to believe. The Phillies were home against the Cardinals on that date and won the game 5-4. If my conclusion is right, then this piece of outfield wall is from the departed Veteran's Stadium. And as an added bonus, May 17, 2000 was my 20th wedding anniversary.


Motherscratcher said...

I like those E-X cards. They're so thick and shiny.

As far as putting part of the outfield wall on the card, that seems kind of dumb. What, is Rolen the only guy to hit 2 HRs in the Vet? Or, is this just some lame excuse to produce a "relic" card of a popular player cheaply?

Sooz said...

I used to have a Bonds card like that. I think some eBay buyer has it in his collection some where.

night owl said...

"Congratulations, you have just received a piece of a wall"?????


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind owning a stadium relic card, but shouldn't it tell me definitively which stadium the relic came from?