Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Phorgotten Phillie Phile - Eric Valent

Eric Valent was the Phillies 1st round draft pick for the Phillies in 1998. He made it to the big leagues in 2001. But he only played 29 games for the Phillies in 2001 and 2002 before being traded to the Reds in 2003 for Kelly Stinnett. He played for the Mets in 2004 and 2006. His best season was 2004 when he hit 13 home runs for the Mets. He had some promise. In 1997 he hit 30 home runs for UCLA, breaking Troy Glaus' career school record. But I remember him only for these three 1999 baseball cards. In the Bowman card you can just see the ball behind the Bowman logo, looking about 6 inches above his glove.In his Stadium Club card, the ball is just about in the glove.
In the Topps card, he's got the ball safely wrapped up.
I keep my Phillies cards in alphabetical order by player and then in alphabetical order by set name. So the three cards are in the correct time sequence order in my 1999 Phillies binder. I'm guessing that these photos were taken at a Clearwater Phillies game.


night owl said...

Wow, those are cool -- all of the same play. I'm trying to decide which I like the best. Second or third one, I guess.

deal said...

Nice find. Just another face of card collecting that makes it fun.

Laurens said...

The images looked like posed shots, set-up for a photographer, not necessarily from game action.

I thought Valent was going to be a MLB star at some point after seeing him in high school, but I guess he was a fourth outfielder and bat off the bench at best [and only for a short time].

capewood said...

I hadn't thought the shots might have been posed. That's disappointing. I have another card of him by Topps where is he standing by the same wall.

But even if posed, its still a nice series of cards.