Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1997 Topps Team Timber Jeff Bagwell

I have two Jeff Bagwell cards from 1997 printed on a wood. The other card is an insert in the Stadium Club set. I featured this card some months ago on Things Done To Cards here. This card is an insert called "Team Timber" and is from the Topps base set. It was a 16-card set inserted at 1:32 in Series 2 packs. I'm not quite sure where I got this but I probably bought it on eBay. I have another card from the set as well, Albert Belle.

The front of the card has s glossy finish while the back is not finished. As is often the case when two dissimilar materials are put together like this, the card has warped. In this case, pretty badly as you can see in the edge-on scan below.

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