Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Random Cards from My Collection #71

Card #33338
1992 Stadium Club #267 Edgar Martinez
Comments on the card/player: Martinez lead the American League in 1992 with a .343 batting average and 46 doubles.
How/When acquired: In June of 2012, I bought a 36-card, unopened box of 1992 Stadium Club for $5.00. What a deal!

Card #30456
2011 Topps Cognac Diamond Anniversary #67 Vladimir Guerrero
Comments on the card/player: I'm not sure that I really liked this foil background but I do like the silver foil shields.
How/When acquired: On October 2011 I bought a hobby box of Topps Update and the seller sent me two boxes. Oops, my mistake, the seller said, just keep the second box. I'm not normally a set collector but I have this whole set.

Card #39014
2009 Topps American Heritage American Presidents #6 John Quincy Adams
Comments on the card/player: Our 6th President. From sets like this I've got a lot of different presidential cards. I may do a post or two. Maybe for the 4th of July.
How/When acquired: I bought just a few packs of this product in 2009. I wish I had bought more.

Card 2207
2003 Fleer Tradition Update #279 Albert Pujols
Comments on the card/player: This was a subset card in the 2003 Fleer Update set. 2003 was one of those monster years Pujols used to have. He led the league in runs scored (137), hits (212), doubles (51), batting average (.351) and total bases (394). And he hit 43 home runs.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.25/card for 5 packs of Fleer Tradition Update in November 2003.

Card 900
1996 Pinnacle #390 Bob Abreu

Comments on the card/player: Abreu was just "Bob" with the Astros in 1996 and 1997 without much playing time. He got drafted by the Devil Rays in the 1997 expansion draft and then traded to the Phillies for Kevin Stocker. Bobby had a breakout year with Philly in 1998 and a fine career.
How/When acquired: Acquired in my 2012 Summer Clearance Trade.

Card 4292
1989 Fleer All-Stars #12 Julio Franco
Comments on the card/player: This was a 12-card insert in 1989 Fleer.
How/When acquired: I bought entire set for $1.83 on eBay in July 2003.

Card #20466
1992 Studio #77 Mickey Morandini

Comments on the card/player: The second year of Studio. If Panini wants to bring back old Donruss ideas, how about a new Studio set?
How/When acquired: Don't know.

Card #25633
2011 Topps Heritage #273 Chris Perez
Comments on the card/player: Based on 1962 Topps. But you knew that.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.32/card for 216-card box of Topps Heritage on eBay in March 2011.

Card #20814
1994 Triple Play #173 Lenny Dykstra
Comments on the card/player: In an interview last year in the New York Times, about a year after he got our of prison for grand theft auto, Dykstra is quoted as saying “My life for the past year has been my sons, community service, and don’t forget, peeing in the cup.”
How/When acquired: Don't know.

Card #43454
2013 Hometown Heroes #85 Yadier Molina
Comments on the card/player: I picked up a handful of packs at a card show in November 2013. I really liked this set but Panini did not repeat for 2014.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.40/card for 3 packs of of Hometown Heroes in November 2013.

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