Monday, March 30, 2015

Comparing Topps and Topps Opening Day

I'm going to justify one more post on 2015 Topps Opening Day by pointing out differences in several player's Topps card compared to his Topps Opening Day card. Why? Because I noticed them.

I have 34 players where I have both their Topps and their Topps Opening Day cards. Of them, 15 players have some difference between the cards.

The difference between the cards is that the Topps cards have foil on the Topps logo and the Topps Opening Day don't. Plus the Topps Opening Day logo.

Like this.

I have noticed that the Opening Day cards are printed a bit darker than the Topps. I'm guessing that's due to differences in the printing factories or something, rather than a deliberate choice by Topps.

The most common difference is the random movement of the Topps logo from one side of the card to another.

6 of the 12 cards had this variation. This takes come deliberate action by someone. Why I wonder?

Since most of the rookie cards have the rookie logo on the lower left, and Topps put the Opening Day logo on the lower left, the rookie cards have the rookie logo moved to the lower right. I'm not showing one because this difference makes sense.I have 3 of these.

Topps reintroduced the "Future Stars" subset last year and included them in 2014 Opening Day as well. This year they did not use the "Future Stars" designation in Opening Day. The photos are cropped differently to remove the space at the top of the card where the "Future Stars" logo was. I have three of these.

I have two cards which are just randomly cropped differently.

I put my scanned cards into a database. This sort of variation is easy to notice because when switching from one record to the other, the figure moves. Here's the other.

This one is a bit more subtle than the Dickey card. I doubt I'd notice this if I didn't have the scans in my database.

And finally I found this.

This is not some subtle change but a whole different photograph. lists some gimmick cards which feature a different photo. The Puig gimmick has him signing autographs. The gimmicks are supposedly seeded 1 in 2375 packs so I wasn't really expecting to get one.

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shlabotnikreport said...

The Tanaka base card, like Puig, also features a different photo. As far as I know (which isn't much), these are the only two.