Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Base Card Breakdown

I can't say I'm real thrilled with 2015 Topps Heritage. For one thing, the 1966 set design was pretty dull. I bought 2 blasters, a rack box and 2 rack packs which yielded 147 different cards. Of those 147 cards I have doubles (or even triples) for 28 of them, which I think is high. I also didn't see any of the variation cards, no blue backs, no black backs, not even a lousy gum stain. For 30 cents/card, I'd expected a bit more. The rack packs yielded some of the foil cards which I'm suspending judgement on. I get 1 chrome and 1 chrome refractor. We'll let's break down this bunch of cards.

Smiling faces - 67
Howard is coming off a few rough years and injuries. Let's hope he has something to smile about this year.
 I think we'll give the best smile to Torii.

Non-smiling faces - 64
The smiling guys just edged out the frowning guys. Moustakas is the most annoyed non-smiling guy in the bunch.

Guys without hats - 20
I few years ago, Topps Heritage was over run with guys with out hats. Not so many this year.

Men with beards
Beards out numbered clean shaven by 89-66. Only a few beards were truly extravagant.

Men outstanding in their field
 8 guys just standing around with their arms crossed.

Guys with Bats/Gloves
Guys with bats just outnumbered guys with gloves 40-38.

Suspected Photoshop cards
There were 3 cards which I suspect are Photoshopped, including this one. Heyward played the entire 2014 season for the Braves. He was traded to the Cardinals last November.

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