Monday, March 2, 2015

My Reference Cards #11: 2000 Fleer Showcase

2000 Fleer Showcase was a late season 140-card set. As with many Fleer offerings in those days, even the base set was complicated. The first 100 cards in the set featured current players while the last 40 featured prospects. Cards 101-115 were serial numbered to 1000, cards 116-140 were serial numbered to 2000. According to, 5-card packs cost $3.99.

The fronts have a holographic foil finish and a high gloss. The backs have a high gloss. I own exactly three of these cards, all acquired in repacks.

There are 2 parallel sets, "Legacy Collection" (serial numbered to 20) and "Masterpiece" (1 of 1).

There are 2 autographed inserts "Fresh Ink", and "Sweet Sigs".

There are 6 other insert sets, of which I've got three.

Fleer Showcase Consummate Prose

 This 15-card set has high gloss front and back and gold foil lettering on the front. I guess "Prose" is a play on the word "pros". I got this on eBay for $1.55 in June 2005.

Fleer Showcase Long Gone

Not as in "players long gone" but as in baseballs long gone over the fence. This 10-card set features colored foil on the front and is die cut. It looks much better in person then in this scan.  Another eBay find, $2.00 in March 2005.

Fleer Showcase Noise of Summer

Yet another play on words. This 10-card set has a pretty nice collection of great players from 2000. Johnson is the only pitcher represented. It has high gloss with gold foil lettering on the front. All of the cards have the same noisy background. $3.00 on eBay in March 2005. I was making an effort to collect the inserts from Showcase in 2005.

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