Monday, July 7, 2014

Random cards from my collection #61

Card #41775
1992 Leaf #435 Butch Henry
Comments on the card/player: Leaf had been producing Donruss cards since 1981 and a Canadian version of Donruss called Leaf. In 1991, Leaf published for the first time, a separate set for the American marked called Leaf. It was their attempt to get into the premium card market, along with Topps (Stadium Club) and Fleer (Ultra). The 1992 version was pretty similar to the 1991 card with silver borders, front and back and a color photo and stats on the back. In 1993, Leaf will develop into a full blown high end product with high gloss, gold foil and full bleed printing.
How/When acquired: I got this one in a Fairfield 250-card repack cube in August 2013 for $0.04.

Card #10422
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update #435 Jimmy Rollins
Comments on the card/player: First Edition, which usually showed up well after the regular Upper Deck set was, I guess, UD's attempt to copy Topps' Opening Day. The regular set had this card plus a cards featuring photos taken just before and just after this card's photo.
How/When acquired: I paid $0.19/card for 1 blaster box in August 2008. Regular Upper Deck was about $0.25/card then.

Card #26781
1994 Leaf #37 Scott Sanders
Comments on the card/player: Speaking of high gloss, gold foil and full-bleed printing. I always liked the backs of these cards which featured a photo of the player's home stadium.
How/When acquired: I don't know, but I probably got it new.

Card #16130
2009 Topps Update #206 Brian Barden
Comments on the card/player: After 5 non-productive years in the majors as a utility infielder and pitch hitter, Bardon ended up back in the minors in 2011 with the Astros. Since then he has spent some time in Japan and is now playing in a Mexican league.
How/When acquired: I paid $0.14/card for a hobby box on eBay in October 2009.

Card #45587
2014 Topps Team Sets #PHI-5 Jimmy Rollins
Comments on the card/player: These Team Sets come in a blister pack. It's tough to get the Phillies set in the Houston area and the last few years it's been tough to even get the Astro's set here. I like to buy them since they sometimes feature a player or two who isn't in the regular set and sometimes a photo that's different than the player's card in the regular set.
How/When acquired: I paid $5.99 for the 17-card set while visiting the Philadelphia area in April 2014.

Card #45833
2014 Bowman Prospects #62 Chase Anderson
Comments on the card/player:  I don't know anything about this guy beyond what tells me. He was the D-Backs 9th round draft pick in 2007. Currently he's playing for the AA Mobile BayBears with a 4-2 record and a 0.69 ERA.That's a pretty good ERA after 6 starts.
How/When acquired: I paid $0.28/card for 2 blasters of Bowman in May 2014.

Card #21526
1998 Fleer Tradition #150 Scott Rolen
Comments on the card/player:  Fleer made pretty drastic design changes almost every year for their Fleer Tradition product. This is one of my favorite designs of the set. I'm a sucker for full-bleed print cards.
How/When acquired: I don't know, but I probably got it new.

Card #30883
2005 Topps Barry Bonds Home Run History #347 Barry Bonds
Comments on the card/player:  In 2005, Topps decided to produce a card for each home run Bonds had hit so far. I only have 16 of them, thank God. Topps used the same photo for multiple cards but I don't have enough of them to figure out why they they changed photos every once in awhile. I used to hate getting these in a pack.
How/When acquired: I paid $0.12/card for packs of Topps in November 2004. Remember when you could get next year's cards by Thanksgiving?

Card #35864
1989 Fleer #138

Comments on the card/player:  Way too much border on these cards. When I started collecting cards in 1985, I was sort of a Topps snob for a few years. I probably didn't buy a single pack of 1988 Fleer. I've got plenty of them now, thanks to repacks. In fact, that's how I got this one.
How/When acquired: I paid $0.07/card for a Fairfield Extreme Value repack in October 2012.

Card #18180
2010 Topps Allen and Ginter #202 Aramis Ramirez
Comments on the card/player:  Topps generally only makes small changes to the basic Allen and Ginter design each year. In 2010 they made a big change, introducing a colored background for the first time. And the last time.
How/When acquired: I paid $0.43/card for a hobby box on eBay in July 2010.

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