Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More odd-ball Phillies cards

Here are some more cards from that 50-card lot of odd-ball Phillies cards I bought.

1981 Topps Stickers

I guess these aren't so odd since Topps and Panini stickers were readily available in the 1980s. I hadn't had seen any from 1981 before. What I thought was odd was this team photograph sticker.

They split the team photograph right down the middle and put it on two stamps.  Really? Weird.

 The backs were pretty plain. Not only were the Phillies the NL Pennant Winner, they won the World Series too.

1983 Fleer Stamps

I had purchased a bunch of sheets of 1982 Fleer Stamps awhile ago, but I wasn't expecting this,

These are tiny. The 1982 version were about the same size as the 1981 Topps Stickers above. The stamps came on sheets of 72 stamps each with a strip of trivia questions between the rows of players. There were 250 different stamps, including team logo stamps.

 The stamps weren't numbered. Beckett.com has them numbered in alphabetical order. There were two others in the lot, Bo Diaz (without the trivia question) and Garry Maddox.

1983 Topps Stickers

 Big difference in the backs from 1981, just 2 years prior. Note that they were made in Italy, by Panini. I wonder how Panini got the contract to make stickers for Topps?  Another question. Does anyone remember when Sid Monge was a Phillie?

1988 Fleer Classic Miniatures
I bought the entire 122-card set of 1987 Fleer Classic Miniatures at a card show a few years ago for $2. The 1988 set had the same idea. The design of the front and back is exactly the same as the regular 1988 Fleer set except that the front of the mini cards is glossy (like the Fleer Tiffany of that era). The fronts also featured a different photograph. Here's the Von Hayes card from the regular set.

1988 Topps Coins
Here's a product I've seen but never owned any of. I got two from 1988 and two from 1989.

There were 60 coins in the set and they came in packs of 3. The coins are printed on thin steel with a rolled steel rim. According to Beckett.com, the coins had either a silver or gold rim.

The other coin from 1988 I got has a blue rim. Go figure.

1989 Topps Coins

These look pretty similar to the 1988.

The two I received both have silver rims.

1990 Topps Double Headers
This 72-card set was printed on paper rather than card stock. The front features the player's 1990 Topps card and the back features the player's rookie year Topps card. Not a bad concept. I have no idea how these were distributed. I bought enough 1990 Topps to know they were not inserts.

1991 Panini French Stickers

In my opinion, this is the oddest card in the lot.
At some point in the 1980s, Panini started making baseball stickers under their own name. Beckett.com lists two versions in 1991. This is the French version. As it says at the bottom of the back "Pliez Et Soulevez". According to Google, this phrase means "bend and lift". I assume these were made for the Canadian market. In 1978, I had a French office mate in work. He was a big sports guy but knew nothing about baseball. I doubt baseball got any more popular in France in 1991.


Ryan G said...

The Topps Doubleheaders paper cards were actually "sealed" into a plastic holder that stood up so you could display either side.

They were never meant to be handled which is why they're made of paper. Topps issued them in 1989 and 1990.

I had a few of the 1990 "cards" in the past, and I might still have some. I think I opened one up at one point. Actually, if I could find them cheap, it'd be a cool set to own.

capewood said...

Thanks Ryan. That's sort of what Beckett.com said about them but it wasn't very clear what they were talking about.