Thursday, July 3, 2014

Players signing autographs on cards

One of my favorite baseball card photos is of players signing autographs. I've got over 70 such cards scanned. What sorts of things have players signed for fans?

1987 Topps
Barry Jones signs a program and doesn't look to pleased about it.

1991 Upper Deck Final Edition
The late Tony Gwynn signs a baseball card. There's not enough detail to tell what card it is.

1992 Upper Deck
Cal Ripken signs a Cal Ripken poster.

1993 Upper Deck
Mark Portugal signs a glove while sucking on a lolly pop.

1994 Collector's Choice
 Tony Gwynn signs a jersey. How cool is that?

1995 Stadium Club

Mike Lieberthal signs what looks like an autograph book.

1995 Zenith
Joe Carter signs, of all things, a baseball.

1996 Pinnacle
 Don Mattingly signs a bat.

1997 Topps
Andy Benes signs a cap.

1998 Upper Deck
Jim Eisenreich signs a teddy bear?

2011 Topps Update
Derrek Lee appears to be signing a ball. I only include this one because this is the latest baseball card I have featuring a player signing. This was the only one in 2011 and not a single one in 2010 through 2014.


Ryan G said...

The card Tony Gwynn is signing is his 1991 Upper Deck card.

Commishbob said...

I think Barry Jones is upset about having to wear that Pirates pillbox cap in public.

Dan said...

My favorite is the 1993 Upper Deck card of Mike Perez signing the card in which he's holding. Even cooler, I got Mike to sign that card for me.

capewood said...

Dan, I think I have that card but I don't have it scanned.

Ana Lu said...

Barry Jones looks like a police officer passing a ticket eheh ;)