Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Random Cards From My Collection #60

I haven't made a random card post in awhile. This is the first of these where no Phillies cards came up. And, even more amazing, not a single Topps issued card either.

Card #1488
2000 Upper Deck Hitter’s Club Epic Performances #1 Mark McGwire
Comments on the card: After Big Mac's outstanding years in 1998 and 1999, there were a lot of Mark McGwire cards in 1999 and 2000. This is a pretty busy card that looks better in person.
How/When acquired: Paid $2.50 for this in March 2005, probably at a card show.

Card #26302
1991 Upper Deck Final Edition #65 Anthony Young
Comments on the card: Young was 2-5 with no saves in his rookie season for the Mets. He would have 15 saves in 1992 but never became a top-line reliever. He ended up in his home town with the Astros in 1996.
How/When acquired: Upper Deck Final Edition was a 100-card boxed set available late in 1991. I paid $10 for the set. I found it while waiting in line at a Toys-R-Us just after Christmas to exchange duplicate toys my kids got for Christmas. Good times.

Card #4635
2005 Fleer Authentix #61 Fleer Authentix

Comments on the card: Before they went under, Fleer produced a lot of different sets each year. I always like this set. It was printed on thick card stock with a nice partial gloss finish.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.21/card for a blaster box in March 2005.

Card #133
1992 Donruss Diamond Kings #2 Will Clark
Comments on the card: In 1991, The Thrill hit .301, had 29 home runs and 116 RBIs. He also lead the NL with a slugging percentage of .536. He was an All-Star, won the Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger awards, and was 4th in the MVP voting. A "Diamond King" season indeed. This was the first year that Donruss separated the Donruss King cards from the regular set and made them a insert set.
How/When acquired: Don't know but I'm sure I bought it new.

Card #11644
2009 Upper Deck #479 Albert Pujols
Comments on the card: Team checklist card from the last legit Upper Deck set. Pujols hit the most home runs of his career in a single year in 2009, 47, with a .658 slugging percentage. And he was the NL MVP.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.25/card for 2 blasters of Series 1 Upper Deck in February 2009. I never really liked this set and didn't buy any Series 2.

Card #45706
2007 Fleer Soaring Stars Vladimir Guerrero
Comments on the card: These were insert cards only available in Fleer Fat Packs (I don't remember what that means). The cards, just like the base Fleer of that year, had no gloss or foil.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.11/card for a Fleer Fat Pack.

Card #14553
2002 Fleer Tradition Update #386 Barry Bonds
 Comments on the card: From back in the day when we used to love Barry Bonds (or at least not hate him). Fleer Tradition and it's Update set were printed on thick brown card stock with no adornments like gloss or foil.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.04 in a Fairfield repack in March 2010.

Card #6763
2004 UD Diamond Pro Sigs #119 Lincoln Holdzkom
Comments on the card: Holdzkom spent 8 years (2001-2009) in the minor leagues but never got called up.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.08 in a Fairfield repack in September 2006.

 Card #31043
2008 UD Masterpieces #2 Justin Upton
Comments on the card: UD Masterpiece had a nice texture, that went well with the looks like it was painted figure on the card. It's hard to be sure, but I always believe cards like this aren't really painted but are altered photographs.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.38/card for a blaster of UD Masterpiece in January 2011. The box must have been marked down from the original price.

Card #6566
2000 Fleer Showcase #82 Shawn Green

Comments on the card: The 2000 version of Fleer Showcase was printed on holographic foil board that looks a lot more dramatic in a scan then it does in person. Green had signed a 5-year contract worth north of $60MM with the Dodgers on the strength of his 1999 season with the Jays when he hit .309 with 42 home runs.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.19, probably in a repack, in July 2006.


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I'm pretty sure that for the Hockey version of Masterpieces there are artists named on the cards.

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