Monday, April 7, 2014

What 90,000 cards looks like

Last Friday I posted my 90,000 card. The majority of the commenters (2 out of the 3) wanted to know how I organize these cards. We have a spare bedroom which has been designated as my den that has a nice sized walk-in closet. about 2/5ths of the available space in the closet is devoted to baseball cards.

I actually did a post on this topic back in December 2008 here. But that was a lot of cards ago. My organization hasn't really changed but here are some updated photos.

Here's a better view of the closet.

 Common cards and players I don't collect are in the boxes. Here's a better view.

There's 40 boxes arranged by year and set (in alphabetical order). I don't arrange the cards in sets in anyway. There is only so much time in a day. I estimate there are about 75,000 cards in boxes. There's no room here for 2014 or later. The other side of the closet has a shelf as well and I'm going to have to do some major rearrangement of the stuff there at the end of the year.

Players I Collect go in 3 and 4-inch binders. I've acquired a lot of binders over the years. Some I've bought, some were discards from where I used to work. I prefer D-ring binders because you can stuff them pretty good without the edges of the pages getting curled into the rings. And I prefer 3-inch binders because a full 4-inch binder is really heavy.  Here's just a short row.

These have been labeled and re-labeled over the years as the amount of cards I have of each player increases or I add more players. There are 22 of these holding holding about 18,000 cards.

I keep one card of each type I have in what I call my reference binders. These also contain all the relic and auto cards I have. Except for Phillies and Astros. These I keep in the Phillies or Astros binders.

I have 9 binders of reference cards holding about 6500 cards.

Finally, I keep Phillies cards and Astros cards since 1995 in binders. Here's most of the Phillies binders.

Eventually I want to replace most of these with newer binders. I have about 8400 Phillies cards and 3700 Astros cards in binders.

These are all stored on some cheap shelving units I bought from Ikea. I'm surprised they haven't collapsed by now.

So that's what my 90,000 cards look like.


The Junior Junkie said...

Beautiful post

Fuji said...

Wait. Where can I buy one of these "walk-in" closets? I definitely need one of those.

Great post.

Hackenbush said...

Wait. I need you to come and organize my cards. Please.

Michael said...

Wow, what a sight!

Once a Cub said...

Amazing! Thanks for following up. I love to organize and reorganize and see how others do it too.