Sunday, April 27, 2014

Phillies merchandise

We're in Philadelphia for a long weekend. I had an opportunity to stop in a few stores and found some Phillies merchandise.

The first is a 2011 McFarlane Cliff Lee figure. I'm not going to take it out of the package until I get home.

I don't buy a lot of these, mainly because I rarely see them in Texas.

The second item is a box of Upper Deck World Series 2008 featuring the Phillies.

I found this in a K-Mart. 15 of the cards appear to be the regular 2008 Upper Deck Phillies cards with a World Series logo printed on them. The rest are supposed to be cards featuring Phillies players in actual World Series highlights. Knowing Upper Deck, I won't believe the photos are actually from World Series games until I get a good look at them at home. The best part, the box was marked down from $19.99 to $5.99. This was not for sale in Texas in 2008. The K-Mart had 6-7 boxes, which I guess have been sitting on the shelf for nearly 6 years.

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