Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage - The Inserts

Just the inserts I got in the 3 rack packs and 2 basters I bought. With one exception, same as in past years (at least what you might expect to get in a blaster.

Topps Heritage Blue Border #444 Yu Darvish
As they've done for a few years, Topps has included a subset of the cards with colored borders. I pulled one blue card from the 3 Walmart rack packs.Topps Heritage Red Border.

Topps Heritage Red Border #500 Miguel Cabrera
 I pulled one red border card from each Target blaster. The backs of the cards look like the normal card and are numbered the same as the regular card, even though there are only 25 cards in the parallel sets.

Topps Heritage Chrome#33 Michael Cuddyer
The Chrome cards are serial numbered on the back to 999. I will confess, that although I like the chrome parallel, it has never made much sense to me in a retro set.

Topps Heritage First Draft #JB2 Johnny Bench
This seems to be a new insert. There are only 4 cards in the set, Nolan Ryan, Grain Nettles and 2 Johnny Bench cards. All three were drafted in 1965. 1965, of course, was the first ever draft. I looked at the players picked in the first few rounds, and I guess these 3 guys were the best.

Topps Heritage News Flashbacks Aleksei Leonon
Quite an achievement. I'm not sure that Topps would have put a Communist on a card in 1965.

Topps Heritage Then and Now
Not to denigrate Darvish's 277 K's in 2013, but Koufax had 382 in 1965!

Topps Heritage New Age Performers

Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic
I managed to pull a relic from one of the blasters. Remember the good old days when they promised a relic in every blaster?


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Any chance the Cuddyer is up for trade?

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