Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen - Base Cards

I wanted to get in a quick post and I've got enough Gypsy Queen cards scanned to do one. We're heading back to the old home town (Philadelphia, of course) for a long weekend so the site will be dark until next week. Unfortunately we picked a week when the Phillies are on the West Coast. Our scheduling of a trip like this has to do more with when my wife can get off work then the Phillies schedule.

Last year, I was starting to lose my desire for Gypsy Queen. I've always liked the treatment of the photos but the the borders and backs were getting to be a bit much. This year, they've toned back a bit on the curlicues and made the border color more like the 1st year.

In my opinion, much improved over last year. There are, of course, the usual gimmick cards (this year it's reverse negative prints) but I haven't figured out if I have any. I expect not. All I bought this year were 4 3-card packs which have the white framed parallel cards.  I do like the set enough, that if I see a blaster box, I'll buy it.

Here's a few more cards.

Rookie cards have that horrible rookie card logo.

Always one of my favorite kinds of photos.

You might notice a slight difference on the border color.  In person, the cards look more like the Martinez card rather than the Choice card. That's really just due to my scanning. Some of the cards have do have a more saturated border. Here's one.

It's quite noticeable when you hold the cards together. I'm sure it doesn't mean anything but it's interesting.

My biggest disappointment was not getting any present day Phillies or Astros. I did get two retired Phillies, Jim Bunning and Robin Roberts, at least.

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