Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Topps Stickers - Who cares?

I've had these for several weeks and am finally getting around to them.

This is the 4th year of Topps Stickers.  Does anyone care about this product? The answer must be yes because Topps keeps trotting them out there. For me, they were a novelty the first year. Since then, I buy a few packs just to add to my reference album. Admittedly they're cheap - a $1 gets you a pack with 8 stickers. Are kids more attracted to this product than regular cards? I want to see Topps market research!

So here's one. If you want to see more you're just gonna have to buy your own.


Ryan G said...

I like Topps Stickers mostly for this reason: it's a simple, no-frills release. It's what card collecting was for me in 1989. Yes, there aren't any stats on the back, they're printed on thin sticker paper, and there isn't much to the design. And it's inexpensive, easy to collect, and still challenging enough to finish.

The novelty of the 2011 set was much stronger than the past couple years, but I am still loyal to the release.

capewood said...

I won't deny that they are attractive little cards. My only real criticism of the design is that I think the banner with the team logo and the player name is a little overbearing on so small a card.