Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage (Finally) - Part 1, the base cards

I'm apparently not the only one who's had trouble finding Topps Heritage in the big box stores. Does anybody know the story behind that?

I managed to snag 3 rack packs at Walmart last week and finally over last weekend, 2 blasters from Target. The rack packs yielded 1 Blue parallel and the blasters yielded 2 Red parallels and a Clubhouse Collection relic. I've only got the rack pack cards cataloged so let's look at a few of them.

The classic 1965 Topps design. I was 13 years old in the summer of 1965. I wasn't that much into baseball (although I sort of followed the Phillies) and didn't collect baseball cards. I only have a handful of actual 1965 Topps, mostly Phillies.  Looking at those old cards I can see some have cartoons on the back some don't. This Jeff Locke card features a classic pitcher's pose and no cartoon.

Here's one with a cartoon, illustrating a rather impressive stat.  I really like the lettering on the back, especially the capitals.

Rally cap or horrible scalp wound?

Rookie Stars. Some cards feature a team's rookie stars, some feature players from 2 teams.

I'm always happy to get Phillies cards.

Here's a 1965 Topps Phillies 2nd baseman card. The hat logo is similar but the team logo on the card is entirely different.

Manager Mike Matheny looking for divine guidance? I always liked manager cards. Topps hasn't had straight up manager cards since 2009.

It's great to get a card featuring a play you remember seeing live.

This is the hitter equivalent to the Locke card above.

Jedd, about to be poked in the eye by the giant All-Star Rookie cup.

I'm willing to bet that 2013 was the hairiest year in baseball history. And, I doubt that anybody on the 1965 Topps cards had a beard or hair longer than about an inch.

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