Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Mike Schmidt Cards

As I've done for the past couple of years at least, here's my annual wrap-up of Mike Schmidt cards. says there were 252 Schmidt cards this year but I've only gotten 11 of them. Many of the 2012 cards (as is usually the case) will be near impossible to acquire (at least not for what I'm willing to spend). The total for the year is actually up from 161 in 2011. Here are my posts from 2011 and 2010 if you're interested. Here's the bunch from 2012. I've posted a few of these during the year but so what?

Panini Cooperstown #39
I only bought a few packs of this product and the first card I pulled out was Schmidt.

Topps Gold Standard #6
I bought this one on eBay...

Topps Gold Standard #41
... but pulled this one from a blaster.

Topps Historical Stitches
I don't chase after these sort of manufactured patches unless they feature Mike Schmidt or some other favorite Phillie. This I bought on eBay.

Topps Retired Number Patches
Another eBay purchase.

Topps Archives #88
I bought 2 blasters of this product and got the Schmidt!

Topps Allen & Ginter #269
I also got the Schmidt in 2 blasters of A&G. The similarity between this card and the Topps Archive card is striking, isn't it?

Topps Gypsy Queen #258
A blaster and a rack pack of Gypsy Queen got me the short-print Schmidt...

...and the regular print.

Topps Gypsy Queen Moonshots
I also splurged on a hobby box and got this.

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #27
2 blasters and another Schmidt!

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mr haverkamp said...

Thanks for the update.....I knew this year would be a big one once he (finally) made it into the A&G set...there are 17 different variatons to chase just within A&G! Never noticed the pic was the same in that set as well as in Archives...hope Topps isn't running out of photos!