Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 Mike Schmidt Cards

I mentioned in a recent post that there were only 161 Mike Schmidt cards issued this year. Still way too many to realistically acquire. I've got 13 of them, all but a couple of which I had to acquire on eBay.  Here's the lot.

Topps #50
One of the veteran short-prints. I kind of like this idea. eBay for $10.65.

Topps 60 Years of Topps Original Backs #23
eBay $4.99

Topps 60 Years of Topps Reprints
I pulled this version from a blaster.

Topps Kimball Champions #62
Another card pulled from a blaster. I really like these Kimball Champions cards.

Topps Manufactured Glove Leather Nameplate 
I think these are kind of goofy but I only paid $1.25 for it including shipping.

Topps Prime 9 Player of the Week Refractors #5
This is from a series that was available as part of a redemption through dealers. I got it with the Nameplate card, paid $1.25 for it as well.

Topps Diamond Anniversary HTA #16
I featured this recently. I got it from Padrographs. I didn't know these cards existed until I saw this one.

Topps Lineage #53
Another $1.25 special in the same purchase as the Nameplate and the Player of the Week.

Topps Stickers #290
The first card from this set I acquired. $3.49 on eBay.

Topps Tribute #75 (Base and Blue)
I got these on eBay in one lot for $4.49 each.

Topps Tribute Relics Dual Green
Probably my favorite Schmidt acquisition this year. Numbered 62/76, $10.61 on eBay.

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #112


lifetimetopps said...

Is that Topps Legends variation the same photo as his 1981 Topps card?

Hackenbush said...

After the relic card which is sweet I really like the Prime 9. I think you should go for all 161. ;) I wish there were a tenth of that for Ron Santo. Maybe if he makes it into the HOF he'll get some love from Topps.

capewood said...

You are correct about the Topps Legends variation. It's the same photo from 1981 Topps #540.