Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2000 SPx

I'm still working on getting 3 years of cards put away. I may never get caught up. But it is giving me a chance to see some cards I haven't seen in awhile which leads to ideas for posts.

Upper Deck had been producing the SPx set since 1996. Card design, printing techniques and gimmicks were evolving so fast in the 1990s we (or at least I) tend for forget how different cards were in 2000 compared to 1990. With a few exceptions (like Upper Deck) cards in 1990 didn't look much different than cards from 1980, or cards from 1950, for that matter. By 2000 we had holograms, all kinds of foil, autographed cards, cards with pieces of player's uniforms and cards cut into odd shapes. The 2000 SPx set had autos and relics but I haven't gone after them yet. Here is what I do have.

2000 SPx #54 Cal Ripken
The base cards are printed on holographic foil board with gold logos and printing. According to Beckett.com, they were sold in packs of 4, with a price of $5.99. I have 14 of the 120 cards from the base set. I'm guessing that I bought 3 packs and picked up a few later.

2000 SPx Heart of the Order #20 Vladimir Guerrero
This 20-card set was inserted in 1 in 8 packs. I only have the one. My records say I only paid $0.15 for this in 2006. I must have found it in a repack. Good pull.

2000 SPx Highlight Heroes #9 Larry Walker
This was a 10-card set featuring many of the same players in the Heart of the Order set, with a few pitchers thrown in. I paid $2.00 for this on eBay 9n 2005.

2000 SPx Power Brokers #18 Albert Belle
There's a log of textured holographic foil in this beauty. Another 20-card set, inserted 1 in 8 packs, also featuring many of the same players as Heart of the Order. I got this for 90 cents in 2005 but I'm not sure where.

2000 SPx SPXcitement #4 Cal Ripken
This was a 20-card set inserted 1 on 4 packs so it was a bit easier to pull one of these. I actually have 4 from the set but I'm not sure where I got them.

2000 SPx Untouchable Talents #4 Ivan Rodriguez
10 cards in this set. At 1 in 96 packs, this would have been a hard to find card. I got it for $4.17 on eBay in 2005. The holographic foil in the front is patterned so as to give a pixilated background.

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