Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 Mike Schmidt Cards

According to there were 130 Mike Schmidt cards issued in 2010. That's down from 305 last year but I think we can rack that up to the general decline in the number of cards this year, not to any decline to Mike's popularity in the hobby. Without going out of my way, that is specifically looking for Schmidt cards on eBay, I managed to score 8 of them.

Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out #25
This is a reproduction of 1976 Topps, #480. I also own the original.

Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out Original Back #169

This is reproduction of 2004 Topps #695, showing Mike with Jim Thome. Although I have that 1976 original, I don't have this one. I never even heard of it. I pulled this from one of the 2 Topps Update Blaster boxes I bought. I pulled the other version of this card (without the original back) from the other box.

Topps Legendary Lineage #11
Featuring another pretty good third baseman, Evan Longoria.

Topps Million Card Giveaway #9

There were only 10 of these redemption cards, and Schmidt was featured on #9.

Topps Peak Performance #60
This card commemorates my favorite baseball game that I didn't see. In April 17, 1976, the Phillies came back from a 12-1 deficit to beat the Cubs 18-16 in 23 innings. Schmidt hit consecutive home runs in the game. Although I didn't see the game I heard parts of it on the radio. I was driving over to play softball with my company team and heard the beginning of the game. The Phils were behind 13-2 in the fifth and I figured it was a loss. After my softball game I got back in the car and couldn't believe that the game was still going on.

Topps Vintage Legends Collection #34
Another card from one of the Topps Update blasters. My favorite 2010 Schmidt card.

Topps National Chicle #225

From my favorite to my least favorite 2010 Schmidt card. And I actually got this one on eBay when I bought the Phillies cards from this set.


BA Benny said...

I had no idea they released so many Schmidt cards in the last 2 years. He is one of my player collections so I guess I have my work cut out for me, I think I may have 6 or 7 from the last 2 years.

deal said...

Thanks for summing these cards up. Great Post - but what is with the Legends Collection? thats a 66 Right. Weren't all the Phils cards Red Font on Grey background.