Friday, November 18, 2011

League Realignment

It pretty much looks like a done deal. The Astros will be moving to the American League West.  In 2013, the alignment would look like this:
The Astros finished the 2011 season 40 games out in the NL Central. If they'd been in the AL West, they still would have been 40 games out.  I've been a National League man all my life but I can accept one of my two favorite teams moving to the AL, as long as it isn't the Phillies moving. This past season, with the Phillies doing so well, and Phillies games available on, I hardly paid any attention to the Astros.

Watching them on TV will be a bit easier. Now, all 5 teams in the NL West are 1 to 2 hours behind. In the AL, only 3 teams will be west of the Astros. For me, the novelty of seeing the Astros play American League teams I hardly ever see will probably be enough to keep me interested for awhile, but the team will have to be better to sustain any interest.

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deal said...

I think this works - I like having a team to root for in each league. The bad thing for you may be that you will see the Phils less often since they won't play Houston as often.