Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2011 Topps Update Series - More Good Stuff

Here's some more good stuff I got from the 2 500-card hobby boxes I received last week.

Topps Update Diamond Anniversary (Legends Variation) #249a: Ozzie Smith
I love this card featuring O in an old-school Padres uniform, circa 1981.

Topps Update Black #105: Joel Hanrahan
The Black parallel cards have sort of a gun-metal gray border. They are numbered to 60. I pulled one from each box.

Topps Hope Diamond Anniversary #282: Buster Posey
Another new Diamond Anniversary parallel. Like the Cognac version, the Update Series also has the complete regular Topps set in this variation. This is from the regular Topps set. I pulled tow of these as well, both from the regular set. These are also numbered to 60.

Topps Update Cognac Diamond Anniversary #42: Frank Thomas
I think I'd rather see him in a White Sox uniform but I think that part of this Legends Variations gimmick is that the players are featured in uniforms you don't normally see them in. Is it too soon to be calling The Big Hurt a legend?

Topps Update Gold #330: Lance Berkman
Berkman spent the first 11 years of his career with my other team, the Astros. He was one of my favorite Astros. It was sad to see his performance last year but great to see him come back this year and help lead the Cardinals to the World Series. These cards are numbered to 2011 and there were 2 per 50-card pack.

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Colbey said...

Nice selection of cards. I was so thrilled to see Berkman perform as he did in the World Series. Especially after hearing all the 'Just for Men' jokes.