Monday, November 21, 2011

Cards from Padrographs

I've been writing this blog now for almost 4 years. There have been two unexpected pleasures from doing this. One is the opportunity to make trades with other collectors. Really, that hadn't occurred to me when I started. Since card shops are near to non-existent here in the Houston area, I never meet other collectors. The other is that sometimes, someone will just send me some cards in the mail. I got a package from Rod at Padrographs the other day. He's in the midst of a Card Givaway. You should check it out. Rod didn't take part in my 2011 Summer Clearance Trade (my way of clearing out cards I don't want) so I've got a pile of Padres cards to send him. Here are my favorites from what he sent.

2010 Topps Turkey Red #23 Mike Schmidt
I love the Turkey Red cards and I long for all cards Schmidt so this was particularly nice to get. If is to be believed, there were 222 Mike Schmidt cards issued in 2010. Way to many to keep track of. Now I've got 10 of them.

2003 Donruss Estrellas #37 Jeff Bagwell
Jeff Bagwell is another one of my vary favorite players. I had 3 Phillies cards from this set but no Astros. Back in 2003, we still had Donruss, Fleer, Topps and Upper Deck making cards. Although there was a bewildering amount of choice, on retrospect, it was better than today when there is no choice. It's Topps or the highway. There were 634 Bagwell cards in 2003, but I've got 23 of them.

2011 Bowman Chrome Futures #12 Jonathan Singleton
2011 Bowman Chrome Refractor #77 Hunter Pence
Hunter is, of course, now a Phillie. One of the players that the Phillies gave to the Astros in return was Singleton.

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini #47 Jimmy Rollins
Gypsy Queen was one of my favorite releases in 2011. I only had one other Phillie Gypsy Mini and I don't have the regular sized Rollins, so this card is perfect.

2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary HTA #16 Mike Schmidt
Another Schmidt card! I'm doing slightly better on Schmidt cards this year. There are only 161 of them and I've got 13. Still a long way to go.

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