Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Topps Update Series Trades Wanted

In this post, I told how I came to own two 500-card hobby boxes of 2011 Update Series. Although I don't normally collect sets, I though, with this two boxes, in addition to the blaster and some rack packs I already had, surely I'd end up with the whole set. After I got through the first box, I needed only 40 cards to complete the set. When I got through the second box, I only needed 16 cards to complete the set. Really, two 500-card boxes was not enough to get the whole set? 

If you are trying to complete the set, I've got duplicates, lots of duplicates. Here are the 16 cards I need: 21 (Prince Fielder); 37 (Rick Ankiel), 53 (Koji Uehara); 88 (Orlando Cabrera); 92 (Hunter Pence); 108 (Ulbado Jimenez); 114 (Lance Lynn); 138 (Michael Young); 170 (Brad Ziegler); 188 (Eric Hosmer); 195 (Joey Votto); 227 (Kosuke Fukudome); 247 (Zack Cozart); 260 (Matt Holliday); 294 (Edwin Jackson); 297 (Chase D'Arnaud). Please make me an offer.

Here are a few of my favorites.
He's out!
And he's out.
This Bud's for you.
A pitcher fielding, a rare card photo. At least I guess he's fielding. I presume the ball is under the All-Star logo.
I really like the framing of this photo.
Why do these guys look so awkward?
Great catch!
The happy winner of the Home Run Derby.
Steal of third?


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Hey man, I need the Elliot Johnson base, gold, and regular sparkle. Drop me a line of you have an extras of those!

dawgbones said...

I should have dupes of these at home:
21 (Prince Fielder)
88 (Orlando Cabrera)
170 (Brad Ziegler)
227 (Kosuke Fukudome)
260 (Matt Holliday)
294 (Edwin Jackson)
297 (Chase D'Arnaud)

shoot me an email with an addy and I'll pull them tonight.
username (at) cox (dot) net

night owl said...

The Heath Bell photo is actually of him sliding into the pitcher's mound when coming in for relief during the all-star game. Pretty neat photo, even if it is a Padre.

I know I've got the Cabrera, Pence, Lynn and possibly 1 or 2 others. Let me know if you have any parallel Dodgers as that's about all I need from this set.

Ryan G said...

dawgbones offered some of these already, but I have: 88, 92, 108, 114, 138, 188, 227, 260, 297. I'm looking for cards to finish my Update set, or a whole slew of other stuff. I'm sure you probably have some of the Update cards I need. My Update list is here. LMK! I've pulled the cards for you already.