Friday, April 18, 2008

Trade with Dinged Corners

Last week I posted my experience with breaking a blaster box of 2008 Upper Deck Spectrum. I got an email shortly after from Dinged Corners offering me every Phillies card they had for the Mike Piazza jersey card I pulled from the box. By the time I had their email, I had pulled another Piazza card from the second box I bought. We reached an agreement for a selection of post-2000 Phillies and Astros in return for the Piazza, a couple of other duplicate Spectrum cards I had and some random cards featuring smiling players. I mailed off their cards today and received my cards from them today. Of the 38 cards they sent me, I didn't have 27 of them. I buy a lot of cards so that is a much better percentage than I expected. And not a dud in the lot. I am especially appreciative of the 2007 Bowman Heritage as I had almost no Phillies from this set. I also really like the following three cards:

2005 Leaf Gamers Roger Clemens

I only had 2 of these cards and neither were a Phillie or an Astro. And Roger Clemens is always a good choice.

2005 Leaf Century Roy Oswalt

I only had 1 of these cards and it happened to be Mike Schmidt. Roy O is one of my favorite Astros, so I was happy to get this one.

2000 Pacific Daryle Ward

Now, this may seem as an odd choice for one of my favorite cards in the set. An obscure set featuring an obscure player. Well, it turns out that I didn't have a single card from this set. My card collecting goal is to collect as many different kinds of cards that I can. If the cards are Astros, Phillies, or a large handful of certain other players, all the better. I have a separate set of binders with a sample of each type of card I have. This card goes right into that set.

Patricia and Lucy, thanks for a great selection of cards!

Update: 4/21/08: see what I sent them here.

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