Friday, April 11, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Spectrum box break

I haven't done a box break (or even a pack break) on my blog and since I just got this today and I don't see it on any of the baseball card blogs I usually read, I decided to give it a try.

2008 Upper Deck Spectrum. I got this blaster box at Target. $19.99 for seven packs, 4 cards per pack. Target was also selling single packs for $2.99. The box was a slightly better deal, plus the box proudly proclaims "One Game-Used Memorabilia Card in EVERY box."

The box has a Major League Baseball holographic label and a curious "Made in USA Unleaded" label.

Also, "Look for Derek Jeter Retrospectrum Cards!".

First card is Jason Bay of the Pirates. Next is Ken Griffey, Jr. Not too long a wait for a star card.

The cards are glossy with a refractive foil background. The color is primarily blue. Sometimes these kind of cards scan up real colorful but these didn't. They are very rainbow-like however.

Is it my imagination or is Griffey looking a bit, shall we say, heavy in this photo?

The back is also glossy. There is a player head shot at the top. Stats go back to 2000. That looks standard on all the cards.

The Upper Deck hologram logo is on the bottom right, along with a code number to enter into the contest on the Upper Deck website.

Brandon Webb (Diamondbacks), Michael Young (Rangers), Carl Crawford (Rays, note they are the Rays this year, not the Devil Rays), Dan Uggla (Marlins), Scott Rolen (Cardinals, a star card for me), Miguel Tejada (I think the first Tejada card I've seen in an Astros uniform), David Ortiz (Red Sox), Hanley Ramirez (another Marlin), Freddy Sanchez (another Pirate)

And this must be a Derek Jeter Retrospectrum card. This is card #75, so this is going to be a big insert set.

Nothing special on the back. This card features Jeter's 6th All Star game in 2004, where he went 3-3.

Brandon Phillips (Reds)

Ian Snell (the 3rd Pirate in the box). This card jumped out at me. It's green and serial numbered (95/199). My guess is that this is a parallel insert set called Spectrum Green.

The back looks the same as the regular card.

Jim Thome (White Sox, star card for me), Fausto Carmona (Indians), Alex Rodriguez (Yankees, a real star card).
And here's my game-used card. A Mike Piazza Retrospectrum Swatches. Mike is featured in a Mets uni here. His Mets career is briefly summarized on the back. This card is numbered RS-MP1, so I expect there are other Piazza cards in other uniforms.

J. J. Handy (Brewers)

A Yankee Stadium Legacy card featuring Joe Gordon. It is card (and game) number 1,592. 9/23/1942: Yankees beat the Nationals 4-1. Gordon was a nine-time All Star whom I've never heard of. He played exactly 1,000 games for the Yankees and had exactly 1,000 hits.

Delmon Young (Twins), Ian Snell (Pirates, great I've got the regular and the green of this guy), Roy Oswalt (my second Astro, and one of my favorite Astros, who's making his third start tonight).

Another Jeter Retrospectrum (# 19) card but this one is red and serial numbered (28/99). So at least two parallel sets. This card recalls Jeter's first multi-homer game on 8/20/97.

Another Jeter Retrospectrum (#27). This card mentions that Jeter broke the single-season HR record for shortstops in 1998 with 19.

Finishing up with Russell Martin (Dodgers), Chris Carpenter (Cardinals) and Chris Young (Padres).

I'm pretty happy with the box. I think the cards look better than last year's Spectrum cards. I got a good selection (although I'd trade the Pirate cards for some Phillies however), and two of the parallels. I'll probably buy another box if I see them again.

Update 4/12/08: I was in WalMart today and saw the 2008 Spectrum blasters so I decided to buy another on. What a disappointment. Of the 28 cards in the box, 16 were cards I already had from the first box! Including the Mike Piazza jersey card! And no variations either. And still no Phillies!


mmosley said...

I have a Marlon Byrd Diamond King Auto that I would trade for one of those Piazzas. Let me know if you are interested.

capewood said...

Thanks, but someone's made me an offer I accepted on one of them and I'm gonna keep the other one.

dan said...

I have a Bobby Abreu Retrospectrum Swatch in his Phillies uniform I'll trade you for that Ian Snell green parallel. let me know:
danodea (at) gmail (dot) com

capewood said...


I might be interested in that. Send me an email.