Thursday, April 10, 2008


Brush Cherry

This is my latest bonsai. I bought it at a home and garden show for about $30. It's about 7 inches tall. It doesn't look like much now because it needs some training (which I'm pretty inept at). The mottled look of some of the leaves is due to water spots from being misted. You can see (click on the photo to make it larger) some bright green leaves in the front near the bottom. This is new growth in the 2 weeks since I bought it. The dealer said I can keep it indoors and that it will get flowers. I suspect it will not get flowers if I keep in indoors but I'm not ready to put it outside yet.

I have a mix of inside and outside plants. Some won't grow at all indoors so you have to leave them outside year round. Down here in South Texas, summers can be hard on bonsai. I have to remember to water them every day. It's only April and some of them have already taken a beating.

Coming up in a future post will be a Japanese maple. Bonsai Japanese maples are pretty expensive so I'm going to make my own. I found a potted plant about 2 feet tall at a local nursery for $11. I'll post the photos of the conversion process.

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