Monday, April 7, 2008


Baseball Snack Pack

I was in Kroger yesterday and saw this plastic tub with the following label:

Hey, there are baseball cards in there. Couldn't see from the outside what might be in there but I thought for $2.25, what the heck? First the good news. Caramel corn, bubble gum (shaped like little baseballs with lettering like "Home Run" on them), peanuts and an 'energizing fruit snack". The package is put together by Norwegian Jake's Mountain Food and Gear.
Good looking stuff except perhaps for the fruit snack. It feels like gummy bears inside which I don't care for. And the gum is better than Topps baseball pack gum (although just).

And the baseball cards? Well, I was hoping for some cards specially made for this little box. Maybe with airbrushed team logos. I haven't seen a set like that in awhile. What did I get? A pack of 2007 Topps Opening Day!? I did get Ken Griffey but I've already got him.

Does anyone recognize the stadium pictured on the lid (click to make the picture larger)? You can just make out the roof of the third base dugout. It says "Welcome to SHE". Shea Stadium? I found this partial list of American baseball stadiums here and Shea is the only one that fits.

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