Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Unknown Upper Deck Ken Griffey card

I got this card in a repack at Target. At first glance, it looks like a 2000 Upper Deck Victory card. In was resting next to a Mark McGuire Upper Deck Victory and a Cal Ripken Upper Deck Victory in the pack. I thought, well, Upper Deck Victory wasn't that great of a set but at least I got some good cards. After closer inspection however, I don't think this Griffey card is a Victory card. For one thing, instead of the Victory logo on the front there is an Upper Deck logo. The actual Victory cards do not feature the Upper Deck logo anywhere on the card.
The other difference is the back. This card is numbered KG1. Makes me think it was part of an insert set. According to Beckett, there were no insert sets in 2000 Upper Deck Victory. There were a lot of Griffey cards in the base set. There was a 49-card subset called Junior Circuit which commemorated important moments in his career (1st home run, 100th rbi, etc).
I like buying these repacks (this one was put out by C&I Collectibles because there is always the chance of getting some odd ball card. But I'm stumped on this one. If anyone thinks they know what this is I'd appreciate hearing from you.


White Sox Cards said...

It might be a promo or preview card for the 2000 Ultimate Victory set.

capewood said...

Although the Ultimate Victory and Victory cards had the same design, the Ultimate Victory were blue and had some sort of thick coating on them. The insert cards to the Ultimate were normal UV coated cards. I thought maybe this was an insert of Ultimate Victory but I don't see anything like it in Beckett or the SDC Catalog.

White Sox Cards said...

Strange. I'm sure an anwser will present itself when you least expect it.