Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Reference Cards #2 - 2000 Black Diamond

This is the second post in my new series highlighting sets from my Reference Binders.

2000 Black Diamond
This was the second and last year of this Upper Deck product. It is a 120-card set available in 6-card packs for $3.99. The cards are printed on embossed foil board. The lines you see behind McGwire are actually grooves. The player on the front and the back are glossy. There's also a color photo on the back which will become important in a moment. I bought several packs when they were new.

As far as I know these "diamond debut" cards were the only subset. Also on foil board but with added gold foil on the front. Petrick made his diamond debut on June 1, 1999. He played for 5 years as a backup catcher and occasional outfielder. I believe this is the only Petrick card I own.

2000 Black Diamond Reciprocal Cut
This is a parallel set with die-cut corners. The card has the photo from the front of the base card on the back and the photo from the back of the base card on the front. Get it - reciprocal! Upper Deck had a similar gimmick in 1999 Ionix. These were inserted at a ratio of 1:7 packs.

2000 Black Diamond A Piece of History
An early relic card and disturbingly purple. Upper Deck has used "A Piece of History" on a lot of different cards in the 2000s, including a whole set. This may have been the first. There were 19 of these cards, inserted 1:359 packs. Good luck pulling one. I paid $6.72 on eBay for this in 2003.

2000 Black Diamond Constant Threat
There's a lot going on on the front of this card. Foil board, gold foil and high gloss. The back, featuring another photo is also high gloss. This 10-card set was inserted 1:29 packs. I got this for $2.50 in 2005 on eBay.

2000 Black Diamond Diamonation
If you though that last card was busy, get a load of this one. Gold foil everywhere. I also have the Scott Rolen card from this set so I know the colors are based on the player's team colors. This is also a 10-card set but a little easier to get since it was inserted at 1:4. I paid $2.99 on eBay in 2005.

2000 Black Diamond Gallery
All those lines on the front are gold foil. Lots of right angles on these Black Diamond cards. Another 10-card set, inserted at 1:14. I paid $5.20 on eBay in 2005.

2000 Black Diamond Might
Another 10-card set, inserted at 1:14. All of these insert cards are pretty extravagant. $2.99 on eBay in 2005. As you might have guessed by now I was making an effort to obtain the Black Diamond inserts in 2005.

2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition
This is not actually part of the Black Diamond release but a separate release with a different design. I know you're thinking that Chipper wasn't a rookie in 2000. The first 90 cards in this set are not rookies. Cards 91 to 120 are rookies, serial-numbered to 1000. Cards 121-154 are rookie relic cards. I only have 4 cards from this set all below 90. These came in 6-card packs for $2.99. I think I must have bought one pack.

2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition DiamoNation
Apparently Diamonation is a weird contraction of Diamond Nation. That wasn't clear from the base set. This is a 9-card set inserted at 1:9. None of the players in this set are rookies. I paid 20 cents for this card as part of a 25-card Johnson lot I bought at a card shop in 2009.

2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition Gallery

This 6-card set may be the most extravagant of the whole lot. It was inserted at 1:20 packs. Again, not a rookie in sight. I paid $2.50 on eBay in 2003.

2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition Gallery
If you like foil on your cards, these Black Diamond sets and their inserts are for you. This one has multicolored foil and embossing on the front and an almost unreadable back. 9-cards inserted at 1:12. No rookies.

I've got a ways to go to finish off the inserts in these sets.

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