Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Broken Bats and Baseball Cards

One of the subsets of baseball cards I like are cards featuring broken bats. It's always fun as a fan to find a razor-sharp hunk of wood spinning at your head.  Most of the cards I have show the barrel of the bat just at the act of breaking, or just as it's leaving the handle of the bat in the player's hands.

1992 Upper Deck #180 Kirk Gibson
Looks like he broke his bat on a check swing.

1992 Pinnacle Rookies #14 Monty Fariss
Sometimes it's all you can do to get the bat between you and the ball.

1992 Triple Play #113 Andre Dawson
On the back it says "Players, like Andre Dawson of the Cubs, break dozens of bats each season". Doesn't this card look nicer than the recent Panini Triple Play cards?

1993 Upper Deck #253 Pat Listach
Pat looks like he's ready to do some damage with that weapon in his hand.

1993 Upper Deck #267 Wes Chamberlain
It must be a weird feeling to complete your follow-through with just a nubbin of the bat.

1993 Upper Deck #582 Brian R. Hunter
I'm having a hard time figuring out what went on here. Hunter is a right-handed batter. It looks like the bat broke before he got it off his shoulder. Upper Deck was having luck getting broken bat pics in 1993.

2001 Stadium Club #60 Ivan Rodriguez
Infielders beware.

2007 Upper Deck #399 Roger Clemens
Cards featuring pitchers batting are rare. One's where the pitcher is getting his bat broken are very rare.

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update #319 David Ortiz
Upper Deck - home of the broken bat.

2009 Upper Deck #763 David Wright 
It's hard to tell exactly, but it looks like the photographer caught the ball in the act.

2010 Upper Deck #32 Kyle Phillips
A thoroughly demolished bat.

2001 Topps #233 Ramon Hernandez
Without Upper Deck, I guess we'll see fewer broken bat cards. This is the latest one I have.


--David said...

That Hunter card sure is weird! That almost looks like two pics on top of each other, or a photoshop job. I dunno. But, what a great subset!

Fuji said...

Cool mini collection of cards. I wonder what's the first ever broken bat featured on cardboard.