Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Players in the dugout

I've done themed posts with players signing autographs, players blowing bubbles and players breaking bats. Let's look at players captured on cardboard while they sit in the dugout. I have over 400 cards scanned that I've identified as dugout shots so I should get a few posts out of this theme.

1978 Topps #15 Tony Perez
After 13 years with the Reds, Tony seems to be thinking "How did I end up with the Expos"? Cheer up 1978 Tony Perez, you'll make it back to the Reds eventually.

1981 Donruss #415 Dallas Green
Classic manager pose, hanging from the dugout rook while leaning on the railing.

1981 Topps #700 George Brett
George, waiting for the hot-foot he's given another player to go off.

1982 Fleer #254 Mike Proly
Mike is thinking, "Hey, wasn't I a Cub in 1982"?

1982 Flee#396 Greg Minton
After the photographer yelled "Hey, Minton"!

1982 Topps #183 Mike Proly
"Man, I'm sure was with the Cubs"!

1983 Fleer #48 Gorman Thomas
Stormin' Gorman is apparently one of the most popular Brewers of all time. It must be his refined appearance.

1983 Topps #246 George Bamberger
I guess he's not actually in the dugout but just near it. I don't think George had much to smile about in 1983.

1984 Fleer #42 Joe Morgan
Joe appears to be sitting in some subterranean tunnel. What did they paint those walls with anyway?

1984 Fleer #44 Tony Perez
Tony looks like he's ready to give someone a punch. Tony, you're actually back with the Reds by 1984 like I said. And you got to the World Series with the Phillies in 1983.

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