Thursday, May 22, 2014

Card producing laziness

I've been seeing a lot this year of Topps using the same photograph on more than one card. They crop them different, change the color balance, do the 'Gypsy Queen' thing to them, or even Photoshop the backgrounds, but it's still the same photo. I've even seen some 2013 photos used on 2014 cards. I started collecting examples back a few weeks ago, planning for a post later in the year. But I've got 15 examples, enough a full post, now. There may be a part two later in the summer.

Chase Utley Gypsy Queen vs Bowman

Bernie Brewer Topps Stickers vs 2012 Topps Stickers
They went all the way back to 2012 for this photo.

Zach Wheeler 2014 Bowman vs. 2013 Topps Update
Less tight cropping and a subtle change in the color balance for this one. 

Starlin Castro Bowman vs. Topps Gypsy Queen Framed White
One of my favorite action shots, a batter with the ball. But I'd rather not see the same photo on two different cards.

Christian Bethancourt Topps Heritage vs Bowman
OK, he's a rookie, maybe there are just not that many different photos.

Michael Brantley Topps vs Topps Stickers
Extreme cropping on the Sticker but the scoreboard lettering gives it away.

Gerrit Cole Topps Opening Day vs Topps Stickers

John Danks 2013 Topps vs Topps Stickers
This one was a bit tricky. Not only did they crop the photo differently they also removed a players leg from the background.

 Jorge De La Rosa 2013 Topps vs 2014 Topps Stickers

Ernesto Frieri Topps Pink vs Topps Stickers

Onelki Garcia Topps vs Bowman

Kevin Gausman Topps vs Topps Stickers

Junior Lake 2013 Topps Update vs 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen

David Wright Topps Gypsy Queen vs Bowman

Bartolo Colon Topps Gypsy Queen vs Bowman
 The Gypsy Queen and Bowman sharing seems common.

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