Monday, May 5, 2014

2000 Fleer Club 3000 Memorabilia - Steve Carlton

Here's another find from my recent trip to Philadelphia. We were in Neshaminy Mall, just outside the city, looking for a sporting goods store. I was interested in buying a Phillies tee-shirt or hat. Next door to the sporting goods store was George's Cards and Collectables. So of course I went in. I found this card for $10.

Fleer Club 3000 was a 14-card insert set which was available in all the Fleer products issued in 2000. The cards are die cut and feature recent Hall of Fame players. I have 7 cards from the set, mostly purchased on eBay, although I just got one in a repack. I don't have the Carlton base card.

There are 70 (!) cards in the memorabilia parallel. The same 14 players are featured, but there are 4-5 cards for each player. For example, there are 5 Carlton cards, a hat, a bat, a jersey, a bat-jersey and a hat-bat-jersey. Presumably, the relics come from the items shown on the back of the card. The regular cards don't have this image on the back.

Also note that the card is hand numbered. The cards are numbered to various amounts. The Carlton hat card is numbered to 65. How many pieces can you get from a hat?

As to paying $10 for it, I think I got a good deal. Beckett suggests this card is worth $15. It could probably have been cheaper on eBay if it was available. Currently, there are only 3 cards from this set listed on eBay, each at close to it's book value.

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