Thursday, May 29, 2014

1996 Stadium Club Members Only - Phillies

I've been randomly working on my 1996 Phillies collection. I recently picked up the 13 Phillies cards from the Stadium Club Members Only Parallel set.

The Members Only parallel is exactly the same as the regular edition except for the addition of the gold-foil Members Only logo on the front. Stadium Club is a set that a lot of people, myself included, miss. Crisp, full-bleed photography on the front without a lot of design blocking the photo. And a large color full-bleed photo on the back. Generally skimpy on stats, but who cares. That's what base-level Topps is for.

The regular Stadium Club set had 450 cards and most of them were regular player cards. The Members Only Parallel set had an extra 100 cards, featuring various inserts like "Bash and Burn" and "Megahits".

The Members Only Parallel was only available to Stadium Club members. I remember that there was an annual fee to join and that got you access to special member only sets. I think there was a cost to acquire these special sets. Only 750 Members Only Parallel sets were produced, according to

Here's a few more.

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