Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Bowman Is Back card

I didn't buy much Bowman this year but I did manage to pull one of the Bowman Is Back insert set cards.

Bo Jackson has always been one of my favorite players so I was happy to get this card from the 25-card set.  It's got that cracked ice chrome finish that Bowman has been using for a few years. Is this card a reprint of Bo's 1989 Bowman card? Not exactly. I don't have the 1989 base card but I do have the Tiffany version.

The Bowman Is Back card has a different front photo and the facsimile signature is way different. The back of the card, while having a similar overall design has a more conventional stat layout. The first few years of Bowman gave a different look to player stats. The cards showed the players performance against other teams for the previous year. Also, the 1989 Bowman cards were about a 1/4" taller than regular cards. The Bowman Is Back card is normal size.

I had to pull out the original card to figure out what the curvy line on the right border was. It looks like the padded edge of a batting cage.

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