Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1993 Coca Cola Commanders of the Hill cards

A recent article on featured this set. I'd never heard of it before. There was only one Phillie in the set and I got lucky that it was available on eBay.

Based on the name of the set and the camo design on the card front, you won't be surprised to find out that these were available on US military bases in 1993. 25 cents and the purchase of a fountain drink at a base restaurant got you a five card pack. I imagine that it was pretty easy to collect a complete set.

The cards were produced by Topps. They have a light gloss, front and back. The back features Schilling's 1992 pitching results. Note that early in the season, he was pitching only a few innings in each game. It's hard to remember now, but Schilling was a relief pitcher before he came to the Phillies. He appeared in 42 games in 1992 but only 26 of those games were as a starter.

When I last looked there were 5 individual cards and one set available on eBay.

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