Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Cards from My Collection #31

I have 35,757 of my 84,372 baseball cards scanned. Here's a random sample.

Card #23,543 
 1998 Fleer Tradition #240 Derek Bell
Derek Bell gettin' a hold of one. He hit 22 home runs in 1998 with a .314 average.

Card #14376
2007 Topps Opening Day #173 Roy Oswalt
The 2007 Topps base set was black. I always like the white Opening Day set better.

Card #24686
2008 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball Black #40 Aramis Ramirez

Card #4998
2005 Leather and Lumber #13 Barry Zito
 An abstract set produced by Donruss in 2005.

Card #24877
2010 Bowman Draft Gold #91 Mitch Moreland
Why does this this guy, who was drafted in 2007, appear in the 2010 Draft Pick set?

Card #1419
1999 Topps Opening Day #115 Tim Salmon
 An early Opening Day card from back when Topps but a big silver foil shield on them.

Card #6020
2005 Topps Traded Gold #129 Albert Pujols
  Albert may have forced game 6, but the Astros won and went to the World Series. It's been all downhill for the Astros since.

Card #24154
2004 Ultra #194 Roy Oswalt
 I don't usually get so many Astros in these random selections. Roy was a 20-game winner in 2004.

Card #4945
2005 Topps Opening Day #10 Sammy Sosa
 Ah, Sammy, we used to love ya.

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