Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Call me Sisyphus

I've been struggling the past month to finish cataloging and putting away 3 years worth of baseball card purchases. So what do I do last week when I'm in Target? In addition to buying some Topps Update (which is only expected) I bought a Fairfield repack.  And I put them ahead of all the other stuff I have to catalog. Blame the Night Owl on this post.

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update #492 Scott Rolen
This was about the sorriest excuse for a baseball card set as you could imagine. There were two packs of this in the box. At least there was this Rolen card. I didn't have the regular Upper Deck version. Actually, these non-glossy, non-silver foiled version of 2008 Upper Deck look better than the base set. They should have issued the regular set this way.

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects #141 Tyler Pastornicky
There was actually a 4-card pack of 2011 Bowman Chrome in the box. Pastornicky was a 5th round pick of the Blue Jays in 2008 and made his debut with the Braves this year. I'm not putting this one in the vault as yet based on his 2012 performance.

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars #21 Jon Garland
Not only was this set pretty ugly, why is it featuring veterans like Jon Garland? I think I bought two blasters of this in 2007 and got all veteran players.

2009 Upper Deck #889 Gabe Gross
Screaming, flying outfielder cards are always good.

2009 Upper Deck #528 Chipper Jones
And I did get a Chipper card I didn't have.

2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective
I still remember exactly where I was in 1998 when I heard that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed.

1995 Select #238 Brian L. Hunter
 I love pulling Astros and Phillies cards from repacks. No Phillies this time but a couple of Astros.

2002 Greats of the Game #5 Tris Speaker
This repack had a couple of sealed packs and a bunch of loose cards. This was a surprise loose card.

2001 Pacific Private Stock #21 Nomar Garciaparra
Another surprise. Like the Greats of the Game, I don't think Pacific Private Stock was produced in great quantities. I collect Nomar so I was happy to get this.

1997 Metal Universe #38 Gary DiSarcina
There was a 4-card pack of 1997 Metal Universe. I featured some cards from another year of this set a few weeks ago. Here's Gary DiSarcina Throwing to The Atom at first to complete a double play. Or something.

1997 Metal Universe #136 Craig Biggio
It's a little known secret, but the real reason that the Astros stopped playing at the Astrodome is because it was infested with giant radioactive spiders. With claws.

1987 Fleer #260 Cory Snyder
It is certainly not unusual for the photograph on a baseball card to intrude into the borders of the card, especially cards which feature wide borders. But this is just weird how they stuck the ball up there.

1995 Pinnacle #310 Jeff Bagwell
Swing Men was a subset in 1995 Pinnacle. I had the Artist's Proof parallel of this card but not the base card.


Hackenbush said...

Love the Metal cards. Crazy!

Backstop Cards said...

I remember thinking that those Metal cards were pretty awesome when they first came out. Man, what was I thinking?

Love that Snyder card. That cropping is pretty funny.