Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Christmas Tree Trimming

At Capewood Manor, we stay home on Black Friday and put up the Christmas tree.  My daughter has a device for her digital camera which allows her to automatically take a series of timed photos and software that stitches the photos together into a time-lapse movie.  Here we are putting up the tree yesterday.  I hope this helps you get into the Christmas season, as frantic as it can be.



That was pretty cool !
I'm just working on my
Baseball Den Christmas
post. Should be up later today.

Hackenbush said...

Very nice. All I've done so far is to drag the tree in from the garage and put it up. I'm going to start the trimming tomorrow while watching the Bears play the Vikings. The worse the Bears do the more trimming will get done.

night owl said...

Good stuff. Only a northerner like me would see that and think how odd it is to trim a Christmas tree wearing shorts.

My biggest Christmas decoration accomplishment so far is getting the house lights up before the first snow falls.

capewood said...

We used to do a lot of outdoor decorating as well but it's too much work anymore. I could never get used to wearing shorts and sweating while putting up Christmas lights in the yard.