Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 Topps Chrome - First Look

I am completely swamped with baseball cards as a result of the great 2012 Summer Clearance Trade. So I said to myself that I wouldn't buy any new cards until I got what I have cataloged and put away. Then I made the mistake of stopping in Target and found 2012 Topps Chrome and 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. Since this stuff doesn't stay on the shelf long I bought one blaster of the Topps Chrome and 2 of the Goodwin. The Goodwin blasters had some weird stuff, enough for 2 posts. But first the Topps Chrome.

Typical blaster box with 7 packs and the 1 EXTRA PACK! to make you think you're getting something special, like they decided at the last minute to throw in an extra pack.

The 'extra' pack was in a plain silver wrapper saying "Contains 4 Purple Refractors". OK, that's cool. I started with one of the regular packs first.
Hey, look, a purple refractor. In fact, every card in the pack was a purple refractor. How strange. On to the second pack.
OK, what gives, another pack with four purple refractors.

By the time I'd opened all 8 packs I had 28 purple refractors, 2 regular refractors and 2 X-Fractors.
Was this some sort of colossal production error by Topps? Perhaps not. According to, one box in every 3 hobby cases contains all refractors.  Perhaps they are doing something similar with the blaster boxes as well. I wonder what the odds are of getting a blaster like this.

So I didn't get any base chrome cards and no Phillies either. I think I'll stop at Walmart and try my luck there.


Hackenbush said...

Looking forward to seeing more weird Goodwin Champions. Maybe your blasters will inspire me to buy some. Nice luck on the Chrome hot blaster!

night owl said...

You have company:

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