Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1994 Pinnacle The Naturals

The Naturals was a 25-card boxed set produced by Pinnacle. The set feature the biggest names in the game at that time. The cards were produced using Pinnacle's Dufex finish giving the cards a metallic look and feel. The cards have a similar finish to the Artist's Proof parallels in the regular Pinnacle set.

The cards came packaged in a 5x6 inch hinged box. I found an unopened box on eBay for $6.98 (including shipping). I had bought one of the cards at the card show in June. I like the set because 23 of the 25 players are Players I Collect.  The checklist is on the back of the box.

The print run was limited to 100,000 sets. Although the cards aren't serial numbered, each box comes with a numbered COA.

Here is a sampling of the cards:

The fronts are bright with some texture to the foil. The backs are also foil, featuring a photo of the player, some personal data and 1993 stats.

Only two pitchers are featured, Johnson and Greg Maddox.

And only one Phillie. Since the Phillies were in the World Series in 1993, I guess Pinnacle thought they should include someone from the team. There were three Blue Jays (the 1993 World Series winners). Besides Alomar, Fred McGriff and John Olerud are in the set.

Piazza appears to be kneeling on someone's head as he gets ready to make a throw.


The Angels In Order said...

Nice looking set. Thats a Tim Salmon I dont have yet.

AdamE said...

Any chance Clemens is one of the two players in the set you don't collect?

capewood said...

Actually it's Dean Palmer (whom I briefly considered collecting) and Carlos Baerga (whom I did collect for a few years but gave up on).