Friday, June 15, 2012

Card Show Finds - The 25-cent Table Part 2

Continuing with the 25-cent cards I found at the big Tristar Collector's Show in Houston in early June. In case you missed the first part, you can find it here.

1993 Upper Deck Diamond Gallery #31 Ozzie Smith

I already had a card from this set but I'm excusing myself for buying another one because it appears that all the cards in this 38-card set have a different design. All apparently feature a large hologram but there the similarity ends. I actually bought two from this set at the show. Here's the other one.

1993 Upper Deck Diamond Gallery #35 J. T. Snow
Do you see any similarity between these two cards? This set was available as a boxed set only.

1993 Duracell #13 Ryne Sandberg
This odd-ball card was available through mail-in of proofs of purchase. Note the prominent Players Union logo but no MLB logo. That explains why Ryan's cap is blank.

1993 Kraft Pop-Up Action #28 Gary Sheffield
Another odd-ball set. These were available in specially marked packages of Kraft Singles. The back of the card is perforated. When you cut the perforations, you can then pull the tab at the top of the card and the top half of the back photo folds out of the card.

1994 Pinnacle The Naturals #18 Gary Sheffield
What is not to like about this card? The front features foil printing like Pinnacle used to do with their Museum Collection parallels. This was a 25-card boxed set. The boxes are serial numbered to 100,000. I like this card so much that I bought the entire set, un-opened, on eBay.  Great player selection as well.

1994 Score Gold Stars #44 Tim Salmon
1994 Score was a set I really didn't like so I didn't buy much of it. This was a 60-card set, inserted 1 in 18 packs. I can't say I'm overly fond of this insert either. The front features a Dufex finish which I don't much care for.

1994 Ultra Strikeout Kings #5 John Smoltz
In 1994, Ultra featured 16 different insert sets. With the acquisition of this card I've now got 13 of them. This was a 5-card set inserted 1 in 7 packs of Ultra Series 2.

1994 Dairy Queen #8 Ken Griffey, Jr.
This odd-ball set was available from Dairy Queens in the Pacific Northwest, somewhere I've never been but hope to visit one day.

1995 Collector's Choice #88 Ken Griffey, Jr.
Not an insert card but a subset. I don't have a lot of 1995 Collector's Choice and hadn't seen this subset before. Stumpy?

1995 Score Rules #11 Jose Canseco
I didn't care much for 1995 Score either so I didn't have any cards from this 30-card Series 1 insert set.

More to come!

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Michael said...

Some solid pick-ups right there. I'v never seen that subset and I am clueless who Stumpy is!1