Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Summer Clearance Trade - Blue Jays Taken!

This will be my third, and maybe last Summer Clearance Trade. I'm going to feature each team in an individual post to give you an idea of the cards available. I have cards from each team, except Astros and Phillies. The deal is, I'll send you a bunch of cards of your favorite team, you send me some Phillies and/or Astros you don't want.

The cards I'm dealing are junk wax, no relics, autos or hard-to-get parallels. They are mostly base cards but from a wide variety of sets. Most teams are loaded with more recent years (2010-2012) but I have a lot of cards from the 1980s and later gotten from repacks.

 You can send me as many Phillies/Astros cards as you want. I'll be featuring each team in alphabetical order over the next few weeks. The first person to claim a team by making a comment in that team's post gets the team. This is hard to coordinate so I'm not taking any advance reservations.  Good Luck!

I've got 169 Blue Jays cards. This is another team that went unclaimed last year. Here's a sampling of what's available.

1992 Topps #777 John Olerud

1994 Pinnacle #85 Devon White

1993 Stadium Club #59 David Wells

2011 Topps Heritage #68 Travis Snider

1988 Donruss #148 Dave Stieb

1993 Fleer #330 Roberto Alomar

1997 Pinnacle #114 Alex Gonzalez

1998 Topps Chrome #54 Carlos Garcia

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #48 Joe Carter

 2012 Topps Heritage #404 Adam Lind


Nathan said...

I'll bite! Send 'em over and I'll dig up some Phillies and 'Stros for you

capewood said...


They are yours!

Nathan said...

Thanks, your cards will go out Tuesday :)

trade with capewood