Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Card Show Finds - The 25 cent table Part 1

Early in June I went to a card show in Houston put on by Tristar. They usually do two big shows a year in the area and I hadn't been to one since 2010. I had 4 main goals: 1. beef up my collection of 1960s Phillies; 2. buy some cheap relic cards; 3. buy a box of early 1990s wax for not a lot of money; and 4. add to my collection of inserts.  I was pretty successful on all counts. I'm going to take a break from Summer Clearance Trade posts for a few posts from the show.

I had accomplished the first 3 goals, was running out of money and endurance when I found a table with boxes and boxes of 25 cent cards. I bought 60 cards which included a lot of inserts I didn't have, some inserts I did have but of players I collect and some Phillies cards I didn't have. I managed to only end up with two cards I already had.  I'll show these cards over a series of posts, breaking up the Summer Clearance Trade posts over the next few weeks.

1991 Stadium Club #270 Ken Griffey Jr.
Certainly not an insert card but 1991 Stadium Club is one of my all-time favorite sets and I was pretty sure I didn't have this card. I was right. Pretty good deal for a quarter.

1992 Ultra Gwynn #10
Early 1990s Fleer and Fleer Ultra did a lot of this, insert sets dedicated to one player. I found that I already had two cards from this set, but not this one.

1993 Flair #128
Also not an insert but another favorite set of mine. This was an ultra-premium set produced by Fleer through the mid-1990s. It featured full bleed photography, high gloss, gold foil and a thick card stock. I don't have many from this set and I didn't have this card.

1993 Fun Pack #197 Frank Thomas
I thought this was an insert card but it's a subset card from Upper Deck's set aimed at kids in 1993. This is a peel off sticker. I have a few cards from this set but hadn't seen this subset. The back is blank.

1993 Pinnacle Home Run Club #2 Fred McGriff
This looks like an insert but it's not. This 48-card set was available as a numbered (to only 200,000!) boxed set.  The card is printed on foil board, front and back with holographic foil printing on the front. It's a very attractive card. I will probably feature more from this set later as I just bought the entire set on eBay for a pretty good price.

Now for something completely different. While I'm writing this post, Venus was transiting the sun. I was following it on a couple of web sites. Here's what a live streaming site from a telescope in Norway was showing. Cool.

1993 Pinnacle Cooperstown #24 Frank Thomas
Another boxed-set from Pinnacle. Frank was in his 4th year in 1993. He batted .317, hit 41 home runs and batted in 128 runs. A future candidate for the Hall of Fame? Sure.

1993 Stadium Club Inserts Series 2 Frank Thomas/Ryne Sandberg
1993 was the first year that Stadium Club included inserts. This set only had 4 cards. I knew I already had one but how could I pass up a card with Frank Thomas on one side and Ryne Sandberg on the other?

1993 Studio Frank Thomas #2
In 1993, Donruss featured Frank Thomas insert sets in several of their sets. There was also on in Leaf. I knew I had a card from one of the sets but I couldn't remember which one. It turns out I had a card from both the Leaf and Studio sets. The Studio set only has 5 cards but I got lucky. This is card #2, I had card #1.

1993 Upper Deck On Deck #10 Dennis Eckersley
This was a 25-card insert set to 1993 Upper Deck. I already had the Cecil Fielder card but I don't mind having Eckersley as well.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

The Griffey and the Gwynn were MAJOR scores back in the day. I'm never sure whether I should be excited or saddened they go for 25 cents these days. No: I'm excited.

flywheels said...

I love the photography on that UD On Deck set. Weren't those exclusive to jumbo packs?