Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Topps Series 2 - First Look

This will be a short post since I'm most going to feature inserts that are new to Series 2. I bought two blaster boxes and a value pack at Target. That's 234 cards total. I haven't cataloged all the cards yet but I don't think I got too many duplicate cards.

Most of the insert sets have returned for a 2nd series. There are 3 new inserts. As with Series 1, each comes with a relic, autographed and autographed relic version.

2012 Topps Career Day Sandy Koufax
This 25-card set celebrates a particular career highlight for the player. For Koufax, it was the perfect game he threw against the Cubs in 1965. As with the inserts from Series 1, these feature a big blank space where the auto or relic goes. I think Topps made a poor design choice with these. I'd be happier if they enlarged the player photo to take up the whole front for the base cards and then shrink the photo to fit the relic or auto.

2012 Topps A Cut Above Stan Musial
The only insert set to be vertical, not have a big blank spot and to be die cut. I pulled three of this 25-card set.

2012 Topps Mound Dominance John Smoltz
It's clear where the relic is going on this card but at least the space isn't totally blank. This is a 15-card set and I pulled 4 of them, but 2 of them were Phil Niekro.

2012 Topps Gold Standard Mike Schmidt
When I pulled this I first thought, great a Schmidt card! Then I thought, wait a minute, I have the Schmidt card from this set. Then I realized there are 2 Schmidt cards. I had to pay $3.50 on eBay to get the Series 1 version.

2012 Topps Retired Number Patches
These are more of these in Series 2. I kind of like them. On the series 1 cards they mention what year the player's number was retired. On this series, they have the actual date.

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flywheels said...

Topps has pulled a page from Panini's book w/ their inserts this year. I hate the wasted space where the relic piece or auto goes.