Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Tristar Obak Mini T212

Back in September I did a post on the regular sized cards from this set. I planned a post on the minis and here it is, finally. While there are 120 cards in the main set, there are only 24 minis. Since you get one per pack, maybe it wouldn't be too hard to collect them all. There are several parallels, blue brown, green and purple. Plus autos in various colors.
As far as I know there are not many post-career Ripken cards. This is the second I've gotten this year.
I'd like to think this was Nolan in an Astros uniform, considering the background similarity to the Astros uniforms when Ryan played in Houston. But I'm pretty sure that's a Rangers uniform.  The number is the give away.
The background of some of these cards is rather fanciful. Here's Joe Carter hacking his was through the Canadian wilderness.
Zach had a pretty good rookie season with the Orioles, but I'm not sure he fits in well with the rest of this group of players.
Two Whitey Ford cards. He began his career in 1950 and then served with the Army in 1951-1952. Another great background. I'd say it was supposed to represent his early years, except that he grew up in Queens.
There are also 2 Stan Musial cards. After winning the World Series in 1944, Stan spend 1945 in the Navy.

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Fuji said...

Beautiful set... and I love that it's an easy set to build. I'm hoping I'm able to find one of these at the show this weekend for a reasonable price.